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Solar Repairs & Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever and from time to time things will go wrong.

Replacing failed inverters is one of our specialties.
If you have received a nasty electricity bill that isn’t usual or you have noticed your inverter playing up – get it checked!  You invested a significant amount of money in your solar power system, so you owe it to yourself to make sure it is operating as it should. Our helpful admin team can go through some basic ‘self-help’ type checks on the phone with you to try and pin point the cause of the problem. If more investigation is required, one of our electricians/installers would need to take a look.  Call now to speak with our team or arrange a site visit.

Solar power systems are low maintenance, there is not a lot of upkeep required. We do however recommend regular cleaning of your panels. The frequency depends on a few factors including whether the panels are on a pitch, or flat; whether you live near dirt roads or paddocks and if you have birds/bats that leave droppings on the panels. As a rule of thumb, have a look every few months and if the panels are dirty or there is a built up on the panels, give them a hose down. Do not scrub them. Do not use any chemicals. Just a hose and good clean water, rain water if possible. If you are unable to clean the panels yourself, we can do that for you – just give us a call and our team will get them sparkling clean in no time.

It is also recommended that every 12-24 months having the system checked by one of our installers/electricians. They can check the performance of the system, check the inverter’s connections and operation, check for recalled products, make sure the earthing of the panels is intact and in general give the system a good going-over.  Don’t ‘hope’ your system is safe and performing as it should, have it checked by one of our team and know for sure. Call our friendly team now to book a system check.

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