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New Solar Power Systems

A quality solar power system is the most effective way to reduce your power bill.  Significantly. For many years to come.

Our 5 Minute Solar Fact Sheet provides a brief overview of solar power and is a great place to start your research Download the Residential Solar information sheet here.
If you are looking for more detailed information,  take a look at our easy to read Beginners Guide to Solar Power.

Electricity prices will rise!  You can save serious money on your electricity bill, help future-proof yourself from the rising costs of electricity and add value to your home by installing a solar power system. Systems can be either totally grid-connected with no battery back up, hybrid (grid connected with battery back up) or totally off-grid with batteries and generator back up.

What’s the difference?

Totally grid connected (no back up). These are the most common in urban areas. With these systems, there is no energy storage, such as batteries, so if you don’t use the electricity you lose it. Depending on the size of the system, your electricity retailer may give you a small Feed-In-Tariff of around 9c/kWh for any surplus power you produce but don’t consume.

Hybrid systems. This is essentially where batteries are added to a grid connected system. Hybrid Systems are becoming much more popular with advancements in battery technology. In a hybrid system surplus power is stored in the batteries for use at night time to minimise the amount of electricity purchased from the retailer.

Off-grid systems. If you are in a remote area or where the cost of having power connected to your property is exorbitant, off-grid (stand alone) solar power systems with batteries and generator back up are the solution.

Whether it is grid-connected or off-grid, your solar power system has to perform well for you, for a very long time to come. Hence we choose components that are well proven both in terms of quality and reliability and that we know will go the distance. By installing inferior products, the longevity and performance of the entire system are compromised and that is something that we just will not do.  You invest a considerable amount of money when purchasing a solar power system and absolutely deserve the best products available, delivered with the best possible service.

Not sure about how much a solar power system can save you?
The LG Solar Calculator is a great tool to learn about the potential benefits of solar for your home.

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