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Interest free solar loans from the Qld Government

Queensland Government Interest Free Loans for Solar
making solar more affordable for Queensland families

Getting solar just became easier for a lot of struggling Queensland families.  The Queensland Government is offering $4 500 interest free loans for families with large electricity bills.  This may well be your best opportunity for instant and lasting financial assistance to manage your electricity costs.

Who can apply for the loan?

You may be eligible for the generous interest free solar loan if you meet the following criteria:

  • Currently receiving Family Tax Benefit Part B, and
  • Be an Australian Citizen, and
  • Don’t already have a solar power system, and
  • Electricity bills over $1 000 for the last 6 months, and
  • You must be able to afford the low weekly repayments.

What are the conditions for the loan?

  • Loan amount is up to $4 500
  • Interest free over a period up to 7 years (repayments around $54 per month on $4 500)
  • These loans will be available until 30th of June 2019 or until a set funding limit has been reached.  A limit of 3 500 loans are available.
  • The solar system must be supplied and installed by a CEC Approved Solar Retailer
  • If you are successful in receiving a loan, you will not be eligible for either of the other two future Queensland Government loans (for batteries).

What consumer protection or safeguards are in place for the implementation of this program?

Often, when there are grants or incentives, the cowboys come out of the woodwork.  So, to avoid another ‘home insulation debacle’ the government has been very careful with the introduction of his program. By limiting the eligible suppliers for the program to Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers, consumers can be totally confident in the products and installers of their solar power system.  The CEC Approved Solar Retailers Code of Conduct demands honesty, transparency and adherence to industry best-practice standards in all aspects of solar power installation.

Who can install the system?

Look no further!  The solar power system must be installed by an eligible solar retailer. As a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and eligible supplier for this program, Electrical Sensations can install solar power systems to qualify for the interest free loan.  Call now 46372744.

When can I apply for the loan?

Applications for solar loans will close once funding has been exhausted or on 30 June 2019, whichever occurs first.   Don’t delay and don’t miss out – there are a very limited number of loans available statewide.  Find out more  and start the ball rolling and contact us today.

Will there be more loans in the future?

There are another two battery incentive programs being released later this year – it is great to be a Queenslander!  The new incentives will be:

  • Interest-free loans for battery storage
  • Interest-free loans and/or grants for combined solar and battery systems.

Send us a quick Email and we’ll keep you up to date with more information and details as they become available.

How to apply

  • Read all of the information regarding the loan at or call (07) 3032 0595.
  • Once you’re satisfied that the interest free solar loan is right for you, contact us to discuss the best solar energy solution for your situation.
  • We will then do a site visit (within the Toowoomba area) and prepare a quote to submit to the Queensland Government in the application process.
  • Once your loan is approved, we will submit the application to Ergon or Energex and book your installation date.
  • We supply you with a tax invoice for the loan amount and you submit it to the Government to finalise the loan.
  • The Government will process payment to Electrical Sensations and your loan repayments will start within 30 days.

Can I purchase a bigger/better system that costs more than $4500?

Sure can.  You would just need to pay the additional amount to us, before the Queensland Government will release the loan amount to us.  For example – A $5 000 solar system would require payment of $500 to Electrical Sensations.  We would issue you a tax invoice for you $500 and the Government for $4 500.

What sort of products are suggested

  • Affordable panel option:  Flex mono PERC panels.  Flex is a massive global electronics manufacturing company that has a strong presence in Australia.  The panels are well constructed and we are very confident that Flex will be around to honour their 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Premium panel option*: LG NeON2 mono panels. LG Electronics need no introduction.  Their NeON2 panels are without doubt the top panels in terms of quality and performance in the market.  Backed by industry leading 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, the LG panels are the preference of people who simply want the best panels money can buy.
  • Affordable inverter option:   SolaX/Flex.  Good reliable entry level inverters at an affordable price.
  • Premium inverter option*:  Fronius.  The Austrian Fronius inverters are favoured amongst quality solar installers in Australia and have proven to be a strong and reliable product.  With 5 year labour +10 year parts warranty (until 31 December 2018), Fronius provide outstanding performance and reliability.
    * Extra charges apply
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