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Batteries for solar

Batteries are not new! 
They have been used for decades in off-grid solar power systems.  What is new, is the use of batteries with grid-connected solar power systems, to create what is known as a “Hybrid solar power system”.  Hybrid meaning solar and batteries.

In hybrid systems, batteries are used to store energy for use at night time, peak load and inclement weather.  This dramatically reduces the reliance on the electricity grid and minimizes that amount of electricity purchased from the retailer (e.g: Ergon, Energex).  We typically advise home owners to remain connected to the grid for ’emergency’ power if there is not enough energy stored in the batteries to cover peak usage or long periods of inclement weather.

Sizing and pricing battery systems for both hybrid and off-grid solar power systems is quite complex and there is certainly no one-size fits all solution.  Batteries are expensive, and designing battery systems is a fine art of making sure they are large enough to do the job, but not too large to keep costs to a reasonable level.  Call our office on 46372744 to find out more about batteries and hybrid solar power systems.

LG Chem RESU battery