Energy Saving Services

Electrical Sensations offer a unique range of energy saving products & solutions that could save you up to 67% of your business’s energy costs.
Every business is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when improving energy efficiency.  By thinking outside the box and looking at the complete picture, we are able to design and implement the best solution for each client.

Solar power systems

Solar power systems are proven to dramatically reduce electricity costs for commercial clients.  Quality components installed to industry best-practice standards create a solar power system that will reliably save your business money for many years. Read More

Energy efficient lighting

Retrofitting or upgrading lighting is one of the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ for reducing electricity usage in commercial premises.  LEDs are much more efficient, have lower maintenance costs and much longer life compared to traditional commercial lighting.  Lighting is quick, easy and yields outstanding return of investment from day one. Read More

Batteries and Storage

Using batteries for ‘peak shaving’ to reduce exorbitant peak demand charges for large commercial clients as well as reducing total electricity consumption is becoming increasingly popular.  Battery technology is advancing rapidly and forms a component in many energy efficiency projects.  Read More

Energy Management & Control

Energy management is an ongoing process of identifying, planning and implementing improvements in the way an organisation uses energy. This can include installing monitoring, power factor correction, timers and sensors.
Download Electrical Sensations Energy Management information sheet

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor (PF) is the measure of how effectively incoming power is being used in a premise. The higher the power factor, the more effectively the electrical equipment is being used and lower running costs.  Improving PF can have a massive impact on electricity costs for large commercial premises.
Download Electrical Sensations Power Factor information sheet

Energy Assessments

The first step to improving energy efficiency and reducing electricity overheads is to determine how your electricity is being consumed.  Our qualified personnel conduct energy assessments to identify the key areas where the highest savings can be made.  An energy assessments provide the ROI information necessary for business owners to make informed decisions.   Call Electrical Sensations now to arrange an assessment.

Variable Speed Drives

Pumps, fans and motors can account for up to 50% of the energy costs for some busineses.  Anything you can do to reduce this statistic will contribute significantly to your electricity savings.  The team at Electrical Sensations can provide the right advice and solution for your business.
Download Electrical Sensations Variable Speed Drive information sheet

Peak Demand Management

Large commercial tariffs can have exorbitant demand charges. Managing and lowering the peak demand can realise a massive reduction for some commercial clients.  Battery storage, load shifting, monitoring and some automation are all effective at reducing peak demand charges.  Call Electrical Sensations now to discuss how your peak demand can be reduced.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Australian businesses are embracing Electric Vehicles with vigour.  With major players including Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Ford and Tesla already having released models in the Australian market, the EV arena is growing at an incredible rate.  Electrical Sensations can create a charging solution to suit your business.
Download Eletrical Sensations EV Charging information sheet

Solar Car Ports and Car Parks

The number of ways to incorporate solar power in daily life seems virtually endless, and opportunities present themselves at every corner. Solar carports and car parks are an innovative way to turn an ordinarily passive, mundane structure into an electricity generating system that works for your business.
Download Electrical Sensataions Solar carport and car park information sheet  or Call Electrical Sensations now to discuss solar car ports and car parks.