A professionally installed solar power system is an investment that will save your business money for decades to come.

There is nothing surer – electricity prices will rise!

It is well proven that businesses can reduce the burden of electricity costs substantially through the installation of a solar power system. Depending upon the operating hours and nature of the business, the savings are typically in the vicinity of 40 to 70%.

Everyone knows a solar power system is an efficient and effective means of reducing your total electricity consumption. What is not so common knowledge however, is that solar can also effectively reduce the peak demand, for customers on demand tariffs. The potential savings are huge!

Year after year, solar energy saves businesses money and improves profitability. With flexible no-deposit financing options available, this can all be achieved with no upfront expense, and for many businesses be cash flow positive from day one. Solar helps build your business’ green credentials and may make your building more attractive to prospective tenants or buyers. Download the Electrical Sensations Commercial Solar Power Fact Sheet for more information.

A solar power system is a mini electricity generation plant. That’s pretty serious! It is imperative that a solar power system is not only installed correctly, but also designed appropriately. It is not a simple case of one-size-fits-all for solar. Our team of licensed electricians and solar designers/installers (NOT pushy salespeople) will create a system that best suits your premises and electricity usage.

As an LG Authorised Solar Dealer, Electrical Sensations’ first preference is to install LG solar panels.  Teamed with quality Fronius, SMA or Selectronics (for off grid applications) inverters, we KNOW our systems will perform well, without doubt. The addition of batteries can dramatically increase the savings potential of a solar power system, particularly for clients on peak-demand tariffs. Ecoult and LG Chem are among our preferred battery add-ons for commercial clients.

There are a lot of things to take into account when installing a solar power system and it is a decision that warrants careful consideration.  This handy Guide to Solar Power  is a great place to start.

Depending on the nature of your business and it’s operating hours, solar may not be the most effective way to reduce your business’s electricity costs.  To find out if a solar power system is right for your business, call the Electrical Sensations team now 46372744.

Try the energy savings calculator now, to see what your potential savings could be.

Commercial Solar Power System installation on tilt frames at Charlton. Second Image Third Image