If you do not know how, when and where your Energy is being used within your facility – how can you hope to understand or begin to manage it?
An energy assessment is an investigation into how your organization uses it’s energy. Knowing when, how and where your energy is being used is the first step to determining which solutions will generate the greatest savings and benefits for your business. An assessment aims to identify the “lowest hanging fruit” of energy savings.
The level of assessments can vary from a basic review of your energy bills with suggestions, to a full analysis of all major equipment and usage patterns with a detailed breakdown.
The complexity of your business and depth of information you require, will determine what level of assessment is most appropriate.
With so many options on how to save energy, it can be very difficult to choose. And it is even harder if you do not know how your energy is consumed.
No one knows how to run your business better than you. We understand that. We also understand that any disruptions to your business costs money. Any solutions we recommend always take this into account and we are vigilant to minimize down time and interruption to your business.
Our team of experts will identify the most cost effective solutions for your business, that will reap the greatest benefits.
If you would like to find out more about how Electrical Sensations can help your business, speak to Electrical Sensations to discuss how batteries can benefit your business.

Energy Assessments are used to identify potential areas for savings. Second Image Third Image