Become a leader in your sector with the highly innovative, efficient and profitable technologies.

Electrical Sensations helps the agricultural sector reduce their energy costs to secure the future of Argi-business in Queensland.

Our Toowoomba based team has helped a range of clients including dairies, cattle studs and hobby farmers, to reduce their energy costs.

With innovative, cutting edge products and technology backed by a global network of suppliers, the solutions created by Electrical Sensations are designed to save farms and Agri-businesses money on their energy costs. It’s that simple.

Thinking outside the box allows Electrical Sensations to create the best solution for each client. Solutions are tailored specifically for each business because no two businesses are the same.

Tailored project finance packages to suit each client’s needs, make funding energy efficiency initiatives easy and within reach. The goal is for each project to be cash flow positive in the shortest possible timeframe, very often from day one.
Savings = higher profits = more money in your pocket.

It is our indelible commitment to safety, quality and creating the best solutions for each individual premise, that our clients appreciate the most. By choosing the highest quality products with the best support network, the solutions we create are easy and worry free for our clients.

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